What does “broadcast quality” really mean?

You want to deliver a timely, accurate and culturally appropriate message to an audience that is ready and eager to listen and engage.

So, why not do all you can on the production end to ensure that it happens. Far beyond just reducing technical glitches like video freezes and audio drops, broadcast quality includes an effort that works much like behind the scenes of a broadcast news channel.

Here are all the elements involved with producing a successful event with 'broadcast quality' and why it's critical for you

Your event Team – a dependable resource

Our producers have years of experience ensuring that presenters reach their audience with the right message and with authenticity. Why? Because oftentimes they are not professional presenters. We know they have a day job and need to stay focused on it. That’s where we come in.


A fairly common concern is with the reliability of the technology itself. That’s why you need a production partner with experience. With more than 60 years of combined experience, our technical directors Brian Bennardo and Ken Basil have seen it all and have created a system of redundancies to ensure reliability and the highest quality.


“In the case of a power outage we are not waiting for a generator to turn on, the generator is running an automatic transfer switch which will engage if needed. Plus, all systems are running on non-interruptible power supplies (battery backups)” Brian continued, “We like to think of it as suspenders and a belt and more suspenders.” 


Brian added, “It’s a completely different system that is ready to go online in case the other fails.”

Here’s a good example of how it works – even in the most complicated production:

A recent show for investors at Stanley Black & Decker consisted of ten live green screen presentations across three sets with two crews in Connecticut, one in Maryland, and one in New York at ADM. The production included pre-recorded video rolls and culminated with a 45-minute live Q&A where six speakers on two different sets were composited together to appear as one panel – all in real time. With so many moving parts there are countless things that could have gone wrong. Crews from all locations were on it … ensuring a flawless execution.

Professional speech writers know what works

Speech writing is a specialized artform that goes beyond building a presentation of slides to a place where the speaker can thread messages that truly connect – both factually and anecdotally – with multiple audiences.

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Equipment can make a big difference

Webcams are easy and effective when there are no other options. When addressing large groups, shooting with higher quality equipment increases stability and clarity – and results in fewer technical issues.

We shoot with 4K quality and continue to maintain and upgrade our equipment when new technology is proven to enhance an event. In a similar way, lighting and sound quality can change a production. Whether on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people or on set in front of a green screen or studio, the lights and sound set the mood, speak to your brand and reinforce your message. If audio drops, your message is lost – best to trust the team with years of experience and high-quality equipment to boost your confidence.

Understand what must be live vs. what can be recorded

The rule of thumb is that if interaction with the audience is needed, then a person should be live. If not, it can be pre-recorded and rolled with precision. Recorded content ensures perfection of message and reduces the pressure of having to be on point in the moment. It also eliminates the dreaded fear of video freezing and audio drops.

Employ high quality graphics, backgrounds and set design

Our graphics team is there to ensure continuity between the invitation, registration page, lobby, set or background, charts and graphs and post-event survey. We can take it all on or support your in-house team, if need be.

Let’s talk about how broadcast quality ensures the result you’d like from your next virtual or hybrid event!  

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