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Getting Virtual Meetings Right

Every company has people working remotely, especially now. They have critical business and safety information to convey, and the need to keep their people connected—to the company, to each other, and to their customers.

To meet these needs, companies want options.

That’s why so many are looking at virtual meetings, remote events and livestreaming.

While it’s unlikely virtual events will ever replace the need to meet in person, they are a productive and effective tool for your communications team.

The Key Ingredient

With virtual or digital meetings, businesses can maintain their important connections and communicate their messages when their audiences can’t be together at a live event.  

The key to a successful online meeting, however, is not just the platform used or the interface or even the online agenda. It’s a partner who understands the rhythm of live communications, how to make their clients’ messages concise and memorable, and how to keep their audiences interested and involved.

All the things you count on from a trusted production company—and having those things available to you under one roof, from a single source—are more important than ever.

Passive or Active?

Let’s face it: engaging with an “event” on screen is often a passive experience. Like watching television, much of the content is pushed to you, the viewer. There is little social pressure for you to show engagement, and so it’s easy for you to become less engaged.

If you’re producing the online meeting, you could implement certain cattle prods, like mandatory quizzes after each unit. When done well, those can be produced in such a way that they have entertainment and engagement value beyond mere tracking, assessment and data capture value.

Asking the Right Questions

From our perspective, the skills and experience of true meeting professionals can take engagement a step further. Because a team of seasoned pros will know how to build engagement into every moment. They’ll know what keeps people interested. They’ll know the right questions to ask and will have answers when you need them. Questions like:

Which media type is right when? Presentations, videos, interviews, panels, transitions, polling, even interactive games are all available in online meetings as they are in live, staged events. But how many of each? And in what order? When you have a skilled and knowledgeable team on your side, you’ll make better choices that keep the audience better engaged.

How should agenda items be timed? Audience attention span and uptake of information isn’t unlimited, but the material might require details that take time. How do you balance those competing facts to maximize engagement and uptake? The answers are different for an online meeting versus a live one, and an expert will know them both.

When does the audience need a break? And what kind of break? Releasing online participants to do what they want in the comfort of their homes has a different effect on the event than dramatically changing up the on-screen material or activity. The right sensibilities will guide you when to do one or the other.

Nothing will ever replace face to face meetings and personal interaction because nothing can replace the excitement, impact and influence of large-scale live event. But when you need to go virtual, it helps to have an experienced partner who understands how to bring the right sensibilities to creating a successful online meeting.

ADM has the teams, techniques, experience and equipment to help you succeed. With virtual meetings, as with live production, flawless execution is our only standard. 

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