Customize your event.
Don’t compromise your results.

ADM is your partner for memorable and measurable virtual experiences.

Because only ADM supplies everything you need: robust and variable platforms, agency services, event management, branded content creation, broadcast facilities and control rooms—all deliver your message with true television quality, while keeping your audience engaged.

A Platform
that’s reliable and secure.

An interface
that’s versatile and intuitive.

An audience
that’s active and engaged.

An in-house team
that works like it’s your own.

A combination of live on-camera and pre-recorded content makes a virtual event a great way to infuse energy into a room — when you can’t actually be in the room. We fully understand the virtual world and will strike the right balance to ensure you connect with your audience and maximize your results.

Attendee Participation

In a world where we all look at screens an awful lot, it’s important to capture audience attention and keep it. In addition to enabling hosts with the tools they need to keep things moving, we provide polls, Q&A, chat, gamification and breakout sessions – all relevant to your theme and a part of the overall experience.

Technical Support

In-house, on the ground and completely under control. Your dedicated team is with you from start to finish – working with precision to execute flawlessly, so you can focus only on delivering your message and connecting with your audience.

Production Support & Creative Media

Videos, graphics, presentation support and virtual set design, we can do it all or augment your team as needed. I may add more when we go live.

High quality broadcast capabilities

Whether your event is live or pre-recorded, we can stream an unlimited number of simultaneous connections to give you broadcast quality results.

Measuring Your Success

Immediately following the event, we’ll provide the data you need to report your results – along with a recording of the event for your own use. Post-event surveys, polling results and audience analytics provide valuable information to use for future events.