Unify and Align Hybrid Event Attendees

Advanced Web Conferencing Capabilities Enable Companies to Connect, Unify and Align Hybrid Event Attendees

ADM Productions, the leader in in-person and virtual event production,  announced the addition of advanced web conferencing capabilities to their proprietary V360 on-line event platform.

The ADM V360 platform is secure, scalable, and unique in its capacity to provide customizable, purpose-built features for each client, for any event.

The addition of web conferencing capabilities enables the critical visual and vocal link between both in-person and remote audiences in today’s combined “hybrid” meetings.

“The objectives, goals, and production approach to every hybrid event is unique,” said Anthony DeMartino, President and co-founder of ADM Productions. “The constant that runs through all hybrid events is the need for both audiences—remote and in-person—to feel connected to the meeting, to the message, and to each other. The upgraded web conferencing component of ADM’s V360 platform makes this significantly easier to achieve.”

Vice President and co-founder Angelo DeMartino agrees, and commented on why ADM purposefully designs hybrid meeting environments with a visual audience component.

“When your live audience can actually see their remote colleagues in real time, and the remote audience gets to see and interact with the people on-site as well, it engages everyone, and prevents the too-common neglect of the virtual audience in a hybrid event.”

According to Anthony DeMartino, “this addition to the V360 platform makes it easier than ever to simultaneously speak to—and actively involve—everyone all together, without asking your virtual audience to click off the platform, or to open a new app. It leaves your entire hybrid audience feeling energized, aligned, and more valued.”

About ADM

Headquartered in Port Washington, New York, ADM produces in-person, virtual and hybrid events worldwide. They produce sales conferences, leadership meetings, franchise events, trade shows, conventions, as well as internal and external media support for some of the world’s most recognized and respected corporations.

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