It’s tempting to dive right into creative development, but strategy is king.

We partner with you to develop a strategy from which everything else flows. And it doesn’t leave our conference room wall until every detail is done with purpose and produces the results you need.

What should your event look like? Sound like? How should it make people feel? We listen and learn about your brand, your industry, your competition to answer those questions.


Design, theme graphics, presentations and branding ― must do more than look pretty.

The same goes for your custom designed sets, lighting and audio.  Everything your audience members see, hear and touch must be strategically designed to produce results. 

You can count on us to develop, shape, produce, create and deliver the experiences that, together, become your event.


We got our start in video and maximize our in-house soundstages and edit suites for your ROI.

Our investment in 8K cinematic cameras, drones and lots and lots of ancillary gear continues to grow.  And we do it all: pre-pro, shooting, aftereffects, 3D animation, postproduction and more.  And our writers’ script with the same level of storytelling as a top ad agency – because that’s where they come from.


ADM owns a warehouse full of equipment that we never rent out, ever.

Our investment in technology is our investment in you.  Laser projectors, LED lights and concert quality sound systems enhance every piece of content we produce to make your messaging more immersive and memorable.

Larger than life interactive augmented reality on stage, stereoscopic 3D films and animation for an audience of thousands, interactive game play for hundreds are just some of the enhancements we design, develop and produce in house with our technical team and constant investment in technology. 


When you’re live, you don’t get a second chance to get it right.

That’s where the control freaks at ADM really shine…obsessing over every detail.  We love pre-planning and our check lists prove it. Our weekly hotlists calls keep everyone on task and on time.  Not ready?  No problem.  When you don’t have to outsource creative or production you don’t have to worry about cancellation fees or markups.  Keeping it all under control doesn’t end with pre-production because producing results means leaving nothing to chance.

ADM’s full-time staff means we all have a deeper sense of ownership and accountability. Accountability to each other… and to you.  This means everyone is on board for you. Minute-to-minute. Day-to-day. Event-to-event.