True Value

True Value

A Perfect Partnership

True Value is a co-op that’s all about family, and since 2015, we’ve been a part of that family, helping set the stage for their bi-annual Reunions. We work closely with their team to develop themes and deliver dynamic general session presentations.


June 23, 2017


Convention, Meeting, Member Reunion

LivIcons Evolution

We learn about the latest developments in True Value’s business and work with their executives to clearly and efficiently deliver all their presentations.

LivIcons Evolution

We elevate the Reunion experience with innovative and relevant technologies like stereoscopic 3D video and augmented reality that immerse attendees in the environment, reinforce the company’s message and bring their strategies to life.

LivIcons Evolution

Video is a huge part of True Value Reunions, with inspirational, high-quality productions interspersed throughout the event, as well as a TV channel that broadcasts news and updates throughout the venue and into attendees’ hotel rooms.


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