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When the multiple business units of pharmaceutical giant Mylan come together at national sales meetings, global sales meetings and leadership meetings, we help reinforce the One Mylan concept. How? Through engaging themes, interactive experiences and immersive environments that celebrate brand unity and set the meetings’ tone.


June 6, 2017


Sales Meetings

LivIcons Evolution

When the entire global sales team comes together, you have to make sure that you’re speaking everyone’s language… literally. Mylan counts on us to translate their message into 11 different languages for everyone on their team.

LivIcons Evolution

There’s nothing like some friendly competition to get the blood pumping. At Mylan meetings, we drive engagement and energy with fun, interactive games.

LivIcons Evolution

Paris. Dublin. Houston. Wherever Mylan is, we’re there to deliver a consistent experience and support the leadership team with the expertise they’ve come to expect.


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