“You are worthy caretakers of our brand…building a lasting experience for our executives and customers”

An 11% increase in dealer motivation.

Goodyear trusts us to help their dealers sell more tires. Our 2019 event increased dealer motivation by 11% compared to the previous four-year average.

For sixteen years (and counting), ADM has produced Goodyear’s annual customer conference. We’ve created augmented reality segments, stereoscopic 3D videos, projection mapping, custom designed set pieces, specialty staging and even had a scale model of their blimp flying over Goodyear’s network of 2,500 dealers.

Goodyear is one of many clients that takes advantage of our background as a film production company. For each of Goodyear’s customer conferences, we produce dozens of films, captured by drones, helicopters, camera cars, DSLR and cinematic cameras. All are edited in one of our in-house seven post production studios.

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