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When your organization heads back toward traditional in-person events, it’s understandable to want to ditch virtual altogether.

Regardless of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have always been and will always be people who are not able to attend an event in person, either potential presenters or audience members, due to work responsibilities or other personal reasons. And now, there is a good percentage of our population that is permanently working virtually. Thanks to technology and now large-scale, real-world experience, those people can not only watch, but also interact, as if they were in the room.


We’ve outlined what was learned through the pandemic and specific advantages to bring with us into the future of events:


It’s no surprise that audience members can engage the way they want to, from wherever, as long as they have access to the internet. From a business perspective, that means your business-critical teams can stay put and run the business while still engaging with the content and presentations. And, if it makes it easier for your internal teams, imagine what it will do for your customers who are unable to take the days necessary to attend but would have no problem carving out a few hours to attend online.

Addressing a common concern: Are the in-person and virtual experiences equally as good?

Though they are different experiences, both audiences can interact with one another via polling, online chat and live Q&A, and all have shown to increase the energy and drive inclusivity of your messaging, both in the room (via phone or tablet) and online. When introduced during a hybrid event, these forms of technology keep people involved, connected and engaged – and not just the virtual audience. By blending both audiences through technology, it diminishes the “us vs. them” inclination that can hinder hybrid events.


We just addressed audience attendance and participation, but what about your presenters and panelists? We’ve learned that adding even the smallest virtual capability affords the opportunity to showcase even the busiest of executives who may live on the other side of the country – or the world. With today’s technology, there is no need to miss an opportunity for your employees or customers to hear from your executives because of time zone or travel complications.

Addressing a common concern: Comfort-level with cameras, logistics and live streaming.

In today’s tech-forward world, more and more executives are comfortable in front of a camera – at their desk or on a stage. Live streaming capabilities have come a long way and are more dependable than ever. Having a production team on-site or online to facilitate this process is a simple way to reduce concerns and build confidence.


The technology of broadcast and video quality moved well ahead during the pandemic and as a result, production companies have substantially upped their games. When your events partner has a solid understanding of “broadcast style” quality, it is easier than ever to make production from a home or office look like a professional studio. The use of green screens, staging and lighting make transitioning back and forth from the stage to the studio setting seamlessly, adding to the quality and accessibility of the event. 



What Does Broadcast Quality Really Mean?

Another example is a technique called video stitching. It enables individuals from anywhere on earth to appear as though they are on the same stage interacting on a panel together. It’s a great way to show a unified approach when schedules, time zones and other factors would otherwise prohibit it.

Unite Panelists With Video Stitching


Attendees couldn’t attend the live event? No problem, repackage your content so they can watch at a later day and time. 

Want to break it down more?  Move it to social. For your messages to truly resonate with your audience, they must be heard multiple times. This is done most effectively by varying the message across multiple channels. Repackaging your messages to be used on social media or on your company’s intranet reinforces key themes with employees and customers alike, while ensuring brand consistency and continuity.


Greater reach with higher engagement. A deeper, more unifying connection. Messages that resonate. These are the results we’ve seen first-hand. Real results from real clients struggling with the same challenges as we all determine, together, what tomorrow will look like.

When all eyes are on you, you can depend on us. Let’s take some time to talk about our one-stop approach to adding the right combination of live, virtual, and post-event elements to achieve the success you seek.

You enable us to put our best foot forward – convey really meaningful information in a concise and fun way.

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