The ADM Advantage

We’ve been producing events worldwide for over 35 years, and in that time, we’ve come up with a unique way of doing things. We call it our in-house business model, and it simply means that our creative, production and technical teams work together, in the same building, all year long. Combined with our own edit suites, scenic shops, graphic design studios, sound stages and a facility full of equipment, we’ve got everything you need in one agency. That makes things easier and less expensive for you.

Collaborative. Agile. Cost effective. That’s the ADM Advantage.



Our producers, creative directors, writers, designers, graphic artists, DPs, editors and more are all ADM staff. We collaborate every day. And we love what we do so much that people stay here for years, giving you a rare thing these days: continuity.



When scripts, graphics or minds change, we can take care of it in real time. No need to scramble to get freelancers back on the clock or book an edit suite; everyone and everything we need is right here, and we simply make the change ourselves.



ADM's full time staff means we all have a deeper sense of ownership and accountability. Accountability to each other...and to you. This means everyone is on board for you. Minute-to-minute. Day-to-day. Event-to-event. When the stakes are high—like when your CEO is onstage in front of your entire company—you want everything to go right… and so do we.



There are no unexpected overages; no ADM overtime, anytime. That makes managing your budget easy and effective.