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News you can use

The More Things Change, The More The Important Things Stay The Same

So, here’s the thing… our world – especially over the last couple of years – is changing. Okay, perhaps that’s not news to anyone. And if it is news… well, I hope your stay on that deserted island had fantastic sushi, and you became lifelong friends with a volleyball (Castaway fans, that one was for you). Change – obviously – is not new. However, with all the sweeping transformations within our industry, I’ve come to a somewhat controversial conclusion: NOTHING

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Happy Hybrid Super Bowl!

Remember big in-person parties? Those were fun… Large groups of people, gathered together near food, celebrating a common theme or event – like Non-Denominational Office Holidays? Halloween? The Super Bowl?… (SEGUE ALERT!) Speaking of “The Big Game,” I want to wish everyone a belated Happy Hybrid Super Bowl! This year was one for the ages… And I’m not just saying that because I helped produce the Hybrid Super Bowl Party of 2022 – with attendees representing 3 countries, 4 time

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The Benefits of Including Virtual

When your organization heads back toward traditional in-person events, it’s understandable to want to ditch virtual altogether. Regardless of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have always been and will always be people who are not able to attend an event in person, either potential presenters or audience members, due to work responsibilities or other personal reasons. And now, there is a good percentage of our population that is permanently working virtually. Thanks to technology and now large-scale, real-world

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