Up Your Holiday Party Game

Up Your Holiday Party Game

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, and these get-togethers are an excellent way to gather employees informally. We at ADM aren’t party planners per se, but as experts in creating fun and meaningful gatherings, we’d like to offer our suggestions for making this year’s holiday party the best one yet.

First, make sure you have the perfect venue. You want a place that’s the right size for your group and is located somewhere convenient. Budget is always a factor, so be sure to shop around to see which venue offers the best package.

Next, consider how you will decorate. Small touches go a long way to make the space feel special. Create a theme that can tie into the décor, such as Winter Wonderland or Hollywood Holiday.

When planning the menu, think beyond the usual fare. Offer unique options, and keep in mind your employees’ dietary restrictions. Table service is always nice, but having stations is a great way to get people out of their seats and mingling.

It’s not a party without music, so be sure to have some tunes playing. For some parties, that means hiring a professional DJ to make sure people are constantly dancing; for others, a list of holiday favorites that plays while people eat is sufficient. No matter the size of your party, we recommend planning interactive activities, like a photo booth, a gift swap or a game… preferably with prizes.

Finally, the end of the year is the perfect time to recognize your people. This can be done by celebrating individuals, teams or the company as a whole. The purpose of the party is to acknowledge the hard work of your employees, and that message will come through even more when the boss says why they appreciate their people.

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