Top Event Trends for 2019

Top Event Trends for 2019

Predicting the future is a tricky business, but at ADM, we pride our ability to spot the next big thing.  We’re looking ahead to three live event trends that will make a big splash in 2019… and beyond.

Immersive Presentations. When was the last time you got really excited about listening to a speech? Exactly. To engage people at a corporate event, planners need to offer more than executives standing on stage delivering monologues. Whether it’s through surround screens, interactivity using voice or virtual/augmented reality experiences, expect new levels of immersive messaging in 2019.

Facial Recognition. No one likes long lines at registration. Thankfully, a better way to check in is coming, and it doesn’t involve searching for a piece of paper or a confirmation number in an email. Instead, attendees look at a camera and… well, that’s it. Facial recognition technology makes check in a breeze, and starts your event with a practical demonstration of a company’s commitment to emerging technology.

Conscious Events. More than ever, companies will show live corporate event attendees how socially and environmentally conscious they are at their events. You’ll see corporate meetings and conventions with noticeably reduced carbon footprints. There will be more team building events centered on corporate social responsibility, such as volunteering at a local soup kitchen, working with the elderly or beautifying a public space. And you can expect food that has been locally sourced, and options for a variety of dietary restrictions.

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