The Key to a Successful Keynote

The Key to a Successful Keynote

A great keynote speaker can elevate a successful event into one that will be truly memorable.

But with so many options out there, how can you know you’re finding the right person? Just follow these helpful suggestions.

Find a speaker who has a message relevant to your event. If the focus of your meeting is how your team members can tackle problems, then a speaker who has overcome personal challenges would be a good fit. If you’re planning a meeting for your marketing team, a respected branding expert might be the perfect speaker. 

Don’t discount name recognition. There is an intangible “cool factor” that goes into having a well-known personality speak at your event. But be careful: just because someone is popular, there’s no guarantee that they will resonate with your attendees. Sometimes a speaker that no one in your audience has heard of before can be much more impactful.

Factor in budget and scheduling. Hey, it’s the real world, and there are certain logistical considerations that have to be taken into account. Just remember that some fees can be negotiable, and scheduling conflicts can be avoided by planning as far in advance as possible.

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