Transitions Academy is one of the most recognized educational & networking events in the optical industry. Every year, eye care professionals come to Academy to learn about the latest Transitions technology so they can share that information with their partners. To make the experience engaging, we produce videos, live performances, panel discussions and interactive multimedia experiences.


June 23, 2017



To help Academy attendees retain all of the information that comes their way, we make the educational experience fun with quirky characters and impressive out-of-the-box presentations.

Peer recognition is a powerful way to motivate hardworking people. Every year, we deliver a memorable Awards event to close out Academy by celebrating the best of the best.

Product education is only part of the Academy experience. Helping to grow and strengthen the attendees’ businesses is also key. That’s why we work so hard to find the perfect keynote speaker who will deliver the perfect message.


ADM has been selected as the communications production partner by many of the world's largest and most successful corporations. We're honored they trust ADM Productions to help build their brands, communicate their messages, and make every event extraordinary.

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