KPMG, a Big Four Accounting firm, takes pride in not just recognizing industry trends, but anticipating them before anyone else does. To bring this idea to life at their latest US Partners’ Meeting, we told a story that encompassed the entire venue… including screens the size of a football field.


November 23, 2017


US Partners Meeting

LivIcons Evolution

We created the event’s entire branding campaign, and covered the venue with clings, banners and displays that took attendees on an immersive journey from the moment they entered the building.

LivIcons Evolution

We designed and fabricated all of KPMG’s booths, including kiosks for registration, IT support and selling merch. We ran sessions in multiple rooms simultaneously. And we even built a mini TV studio to record video on-site.

LivIcons Evolution

Filling over 300 feet worth of screen real estate isn’t easy, especially under a time crunch. But our team of writers, producers, editors, designers and technical directors worked closely to engross the audience in messaging that reinforced KPMG’s key strategies.


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