AGCO Feeds the World

Since 2011, we have produced product launches for agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO. To showcase their products to dealers in exciting ways, we have created immersive experiences inspired by movie backlots, fairground carnivals and football games, with each unique environment big enough to accommodate AGCO’s enormous equipment.


June 23, 2017


Product launch

LivIcons Evolution

We started off by surrounding a massive room with sharkstooth scrim, and designed it to look like the inside of a football stadium. By manipulating the lighting, we then revealed dozens of commercial-sized pieces of agricultural equipment for AGCO’s dealers… just like magic.

LivIcons Evolution

Even in a large space, it’s not easy to show a twenty foot tall tractor driving around… unless you use 3D mapping. By cloaking equipment with white vinyl adhesives and projecting moving images and backgrounds, we were able to realistically show how these machines can travel around the world without leaving the convention hall.

LivIcons Evolution

Beyond just sets and stages, we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty in the great outdoors. We turned an empty field into an exciting fairground/product showcase.


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