How to Give a Flawless Presentation at Your Next Corporate Event

How to Give a Flawless Presentation at Your Next Corporate Event

If you are planning a corporate event, you are most likely going to include a presentation. It is the zenith of the evening- the time at which your company will have a few moments to sift through the hustle and bustle of the evening, and be able to convey a singular message. Perhaps the presentation is the launch of a new product, a new strategy or simply a message from the CEO or VP of Sales . Whatever you wish to convey in your presentation, ADM Productions will make sure your message is transmitted effectively and succinctly.


You  have limited stage time at your event to convey your sentiments, so you want to make sure your presentation is unforgettable. Obviously, one goal of a live corporate event is for the attendees to network, but, another equally important goal is to make sure your company’s message gets heard. We can help you create and tell the story that is central to the vision of your business. However, it’s important to brush up on some tips and tricks that will help you get ideas and start planning for your next corporate event presentation; they are included here.

Giving a Killer Business Presentation

The presentation should tell  a story, as should the event itself. Think of the presentation as a metanarrative- a small part of the bigger picture (the event) that still serves to represent the major themes and ideas behind the meeting.  An event is so much more than just keynote speakers and a ballroom it is a time to strengthen key relationships, create brand excitement and promote loyalty. If you want power behind the story you are creating, look to ADM Productions. We can reinforce your story through our copywriting, our aesthetic expertise via digital and multimedia graphics, set and staging, and our strategy and theme ideas. We will not only develop your event communication and strategy plan, but we will make sure it is consistently applied throughout the entire event. You may not think everything is intertwined, but here at ADM, we will show you how speechwriting, design and staging, lighting and technology concepts and more are all manifestations of one singular theme.


Keynote Presentations:

We will also work with keynote presenters to make sure their presentations are legendary and something event-goers will always remember. We will ensure that the story the keynote speakers tell works in tandem with other presentations your corporate presenters may include. Furthermore, we will work on the production side to make sure any and all technology is utilized to further the goals of the keynote speech. We will make sure everything is working properly from screen dimension to room size to speakers, so as to ensure that the night goes off without a hitch. Regarding breakout sessions, we can also help you with those. We will make sure their style is matched to that of the keynote speeches, both in presentation/style and message/theme.


We understand just how important visuals are in the production of a dynamic presentation. Presentations aren’t all just good writing and ideas, they also need to be enhanced by stage presence and visual elements that are aesthetically pleasing and also manageable. Here at ADM, we can produce those creative elements to include presentation templates, iconography and graphics and guidelines so that any presenter feels comfortable using the rtemplates. We also make sure to include multimedia in almost all of our presentations. By adding video, animation, and interactive experiences we will reinforce the ideas central to your event and make sure event-goers never forget what they saw, heard or experienced.


Presentation Support:

We also provide presentation support by being on-site during the event. This event-management service pairs with our production service and will help you have less anxiety during the day of the event so you can actually enjoy it! We will make sure things are in ship-shape, especially as it applies to the systems we create. We will focus on the technical side of the event while you focus on communicating the messages you have been preparing. With ADM, you won’t ever have to worry that any delivery, graphics, website or anything else won’t go according to plan. After the event, we will help to make sure that the momentum and traction gained by your successful event keep going. You will want to quantify the success as well as possibly create further promotional tools as a result of your awesome corporate event and we can help with that.


It may seem daunting to plan for a presentation, and even more daunting to plan for a corporate event itself, but know that if you partner with ADM, your event will be unforgettably successful and could possibly usher in a new era of improved business for your company. If you’re interested in an example of our work, check out our experience with True Value below.


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